Friday, February 14, 2014

A Poem of Sorts

Em and I just returned from, dare I say the most wonderful place in Ecuador, The Galapagos Islands. I can't experience what a wonderful, eventful, and jaw-dropping trip this was. It wonderful because we had a very knowledgeable guide, service oriented crew, and a respectful and fun group of fellow travelers. There are so many things that you cannot plan and a travel agency will try to promise you but it is truly out of their control. We tried to go to the Galapagos two others times in the past and both times the trip failed. With this trip we felt truly blessed. It was eventful because we snorkeled everyday and most days twice. We swam with thousands of tropical reef fish, sea turtles, sea lions, sharks, and even penguins. We walked the beaches, in-lands, and ports of seven of the most famous islands. It was jaw-dropping to me for three reasons the rare endemic species, the distance at which you were allowed to interact with the animals, and the sheer number of animals that we were able to see. For example, before going my only hope was to see AT LEAST one sea turtle... at a distant... with my glasses on. By the fourth day in the islands not only had I seen sea turtle nest, 10-12 sea turtles swimming under and around our panga, but I also swam with approximately 6-8 of them.

Emily and I took videos and she made the short video. It doesn't nearly capture the magnitude of what we saw but once you see it i do believe you will understand more of why this was such a magical trip. Further down you will find a poem of sorts that I wrote summing up our trip. It's not the best poem but covers the trip in its fullness.

For whatever reason the quality is so-so. Enjoy anyway until we can fix it!

Galapagos Existence

We went by bus and by taxi.
We arrived by plane and stayed in a boat.
We snorkeled and hiked in the day
But at night we traveled.
Sunrise brought us new islands, new things to explore
Sunset brought us stars, stories, and if luck some sleep

We tried to be rocked by the waves but
Sometimes the waves rocked us out of sleep.
We were 12 and became 15
Without the crew but you have to have crew so
We were 22.

We did not touch, we did not disrupt, but we did take
Pictures and videos
We have the memories to keep
We did not litter, we did not pollute, but we did leave
Better people
We conserved ourselves

The animals wild and unafraid
Showed no malice, kept no distant, and wanted for nothing
They posed for photos like a model poses
Not with a smile but rather with an air of self awareness and attitude
They knew we were watching and so they flaunted their beauty.

The plants seeming unaware were indeed hyper-aware and 
Did not flaunt
They do not need to
They showed themselves as the most important life form.
They, being the original endemic species and the givers of life.

Born of Fire, Air, and Water
Adapted over time
Conserved for the blink of human

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  1. hey Eric, how did you find your guide? My dad is coming to visit in a couple weeks and we're planning on going to the galapagos. I sent him this post and now he can't wait to go :)