Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Home is where ever I'm with you

New Home

About a month ago Eric and I moved out of our host family’s house and into an apartment. We were sad to leave our host family’s home, but it is nice to have our own place! Since we moved into our new place, we haven’t had internet for a while, but last week we finally got set up! It was hard because we use the internet to look up stuff for work, answer emails, and to keep in touch with family and friends. Not having it has been a challenge. I know there are many volunteers around the world who don’t have the benefit of having internet, so we know we are really lucky. As some volunteers say, "Posh Corps problems..."

Our apartment is adorable. When you first walk in, you enter the living room area. Once you take the stairs up there are two bedrooms on either side of the kitchen and a bathroom. We have a patio area that I’m looking forward to setting up our hammocks and relaxing outside. This will be nice because since we got here I have been wanting to sit outside, but there just wasn’t a good place with shade. Now we have it in our home!

We were originally a little apprehensive to move on our own because it didn’t make much sense to spend lots of money on things we would use for a year and a half. I mean who buys an entire house of furniture for less than two years? I’m sure it happens, but it didn’t make much sense to me. But once we found a place and started telling people our situation, I was really impressed with how giving the community was. After we moved our Ministry Coordinator saw us and said, “I heard you moved [it’s a small town]. You are supposed to tell me these things so I can help you!” I was touched that he wanted to help. Most of the stuff we have was given to us to use while we are here. From Eric’s teachers we got dishes, silverware, glasses, bed frame, and a night stand. Our landlady gave us a dresser, closet, table, curtains, and a heating unit to cook with.  Then my guitar teacher gave us a mattress and his brother gave us a small fridge. We also got a small desk from a friend down the street. I am just taken aback by how willing to help everyone has been. The people here have gone out of their way to make sure we have what we need. It really has made us feel welcome. 

Here is a video so you can see for yourself! 

“I hear there are people who actually enjoy moving. Sounds like a disease to me - they must be unstable. Though it does have it’s poetry, I’ll allow that. When an old dwelling starts looking desolate, a mixture of regret and anxiety comes over us and we feel like we are leaving a safe harbor for the rolling sea. As for the new place, it looks on us with alien eyes, it has nothing to say to us, it is cold.” 
― Jan NerudaPrague Tales

Much love,


  1. Emily,
    I couldn't see the video. Got any suggestions as to how I can see it?

    1. Hmmm. I'm not sure why that is. It is working on my end. I posted the link in the blog in case that is better.

  2. MTV cribs international. I like it, cant wait to visit. - TJ

  3. Wow, cool! I love the rooster at the very end of the video. Miss you both.

  4. LOVE! We miss you guys but it looks like you're loving life in Ecuador! xoxoKarm